Rev Up Learning: Zoom!

By now, Zoom is not a new word in your vocabulary. However, a week ago, most of you possibly would think I was talking about getting a closer look with a camera lens. It’s crazy how one minute educators are comfortably teaching in their classrooms, familiar with the lessons they have planned and the delivery method and then BAM! the next thing we know, we are playing a game that is speaking a foreign language all while trying to teach our students the same game. And parents are in the exact same situation, just a different game, but still one that is unfamiliar to them.

However, that’s when being the good comes in. You know that’s my favorite phrase, “BE THE GOOD,” and it 100% fits into what is happening in our world at the moment. So many of us have different points of views, different political opinions, different ideas on this whole mess, but the one thing we can and should all have the same outlook on is trying to be the good and find the positive in the mess we’ve got going on. One of the positives is that now all of you who aren’t super tech savvy can now become pros! All while in the comfort of your home! No one will know if you tried out something that didn’t work the first 20 times 🤷🏼‍♀️😂. It’s the perfect time to try out things you would normally have said no to in the past. And if you mess up? It’s okay because making mistakes are the way we learn!

With that said, I have made two videos on Zooming (online video conferencing in case you aren’t up to speed). One video is how to set up your own Zoom. Maybe you’re the lead on your teaching team or a leader at church, or even a mom who wants to visit with her friends because her kids are driving her crazy while being on house arrest (😬🙋🏼‍♀️). The video is short and sweet and will hopefully be helpful. The other video is how to login to a Zoom meeting that you have been invited to (think, teachers with their principal, students invited by their teacher and other moms who have been invited by another mom to partake in a sanity meeting.)

If you have other questions, comment and let me know! Feel free to email me also! I am here to help! I’m a librarian after all and that is my speciality! ❤️

11 11 ❤️ Tara

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