About me


Yay! Thanks for checking out my webpage!  You won’t regret it!  I have always loved helping and educating others!  Even when I was a little girl, it was me who would play the role as the teacher while we pretend played :).  I have taught school for 10 years and have found it more than rewarding to educate young children in manners, behavior, academics and teaching them how to just be themselves (but in a good form lol).  I also try using my great leadership and teaching skills to educate people of all ages on how to stay fit and eat healthy; physically as well as emotionally and mentally! I want everyone to understand the WHY behind why they were created and WHAT their purpose in life is.  I want others to WANT to be themselves…to be the good in this world!


Here’s a little bit of my background.



I have been married for almost 12 years.  We have been together for a total of 17 years (wow!)!

The first 7-8 years of our time together, we both did NOT want children.  I loved them and loved teaching them, but we just were content in the life we had and thought there was nothing better…BOY were we wrong!  We talked and talked and talked about having kids for like a year; talked with our best friends, talked with our families, talked with my colleagues at school…but still weren’t sure how we’d do.  Then we finally decided to stop playing it safe and just let things happen. ONE MONTH after I stopped using birth control, I got pregnant!  (Now try to tell me there’s no God). And I had the most wonderful, easiest pregnancy known to man kind.  I continued to be active, even doing Olympic Lifting into my 2nd trimester.  My husband even got called to work Hurricane Sandy for two and a half months in NY, and I was still strong and holding it together.  My son (who did not want to come out when due time come up) was born via C-section three days after his supposed BIRTHday.  And a big boy he was; 8 lbs 7 oz, and 21 in. long!  And life as I know it has never been the same.  Holy Cow!  What had I been missing out on???  No one truly knows or understands till they’ve experienced it.  He was the most even tempered, happy baby ever and as a first grader, he is independent, strong minded and knows himself so well.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me Race Kingston to care for!

Flash forward six years from that moment and here we are, living in the little town I grew up in (which is not so little anymore), beginning a new endeavor as a librarian in MWISD. I finally finished grad school December of 2019 after two years of what I call “survival mode” at home which included teaching full-time, being a wife, mom, fitness guru, fashionista, sister, daughter, friend and so much more. I really had to prioritize, but we made it happen (thank God for a wonderful husband who gets it!).  It sounds like a lot, but life is all about balance and that’s how I keep my sanity- knowing that God has a purpose for me and he wants me to live this wonderful life he granted me abundantly. So here I am…being me and no one else.

My favorite hashtags on IG are #bethegood, #beyou and #makeitcount…those are so important to remember while doing life!