Interactive Learning: Padlet

So many options right now online learning. If you’re an educator, you’re probably overwhelmed. If you’re a parent, you’re probably overwhelmed. If you’re a student, you’re probably overwhelmed. This is a time of uncertainty and the unknown.

I totally don’t want to overwhelm anyone any more than they already are. With that said, I will try to keep updating my blog with some helpful tools, reviews and ideas for those that want them. I know there are sooooo many resources floating about, and I know most of them are amazing! But it’s hard to try to get around to using them all; it might actually be impossible.

The tech tools I share are ones that I have personally used and found tried and true in my own classroom and library. So feel free to reach out and ask me questions!

Padlet is an online interactive technology tool that makes learning fun! Google Classroom is interactive, but more like a place to house assignments. Padlet can be created over a certain topic and students can go and add information to the board. It can be used in so many ways! It could be a Q&A board, or a KWL chart, dream board or a place to load resources for a project. The possibilities are really endless. Have fun with it though! My students loved using Padlet and had fun commenting on each other’s posts.

11 11❤️ Tara

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