It’s Perfectly Normal


This book had even me blushing, but once I read through it, I actually learned a lot myself and I’m a wife and mom and thirty three years old! Wow! Just goes to show that we can learn even through children’s books.

This book is all about the birds and the bees…which is funny because the two characters who are just about on every page with some sort of side commentary are a bird and a bee. This book includes pictures that are drawings, but anatomically correct and appropriate for a kid who is curious about what sex is and how it works, or perhaps wondering if they’re “normal” compared to others when it comes to their bodies and sexual feelings. It has several sections, 6 to be exact, that answer different questions but that all pertain to sex and bodies. Some of the topics I listed above, and some others are abortions, homosexuality, sexual abuse, puberty, getting checkups and more.

I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable or want my son coming home from school with this book without my knowledge as his parent. I would think that if we had already had the talk and he wanted follow up information, I would be perfectly fine with that. However, I wouldn’t want him bringing it home from school and not letting me know. It was full of knowledge and presented the information unbiasedly; a very informative read.

Click on the image to visit the author’s Amazon page to find more books written by Harris. (She has many informative books and others for even younger children such as Who Has What? and It’s So Amazing!.)

Harris, Robbie H. (2009). It’s perfectly normal. Boston, MA: Candlewick.


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