The Anatomy of a Book

I read a blog post from over the anatomy of a book. It was simply put even with pictures which made for easy understanding and didn’t leave me guessing as to which part it was referring to. I knew a few of the terms prior to this blog, like the endpapers (which are the two papers that usually have cute designs at the beginning and end of a book) and I knew what a jacket was and the spine. What I didn’t know was that the spine can also be called the backbone of the book. I also did not know that the cover that is under the jacket is called the casewrap.

I enjoy learning new vocabulary so I can begin using it with my students and even my son who is five. I have always been a believer of using the actual vocabulary to identify or talk about things, instead of cute made-up words (hot dog and hamburger vs vertical and horizontal for an example.) I think children enjoy using rich vocabulary as well.

If you want to check out the blog post yourself, click here.

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