Divisions of Young People’s Literature

Here is the youtube video I watched for this post: Division of Young People’s Literature. I highly suggest following these two professors if you are a librarian or just enjoy literature in general. They are fun and knowledgable and you’ll walk away learning something new!

Divisions of young people’s literature is grouped by age groups. This is due to the appropriateness for kids reading levels and topics. There are picture books and short, picture chapter books such as the Junie B. Jones series for children up to eight years of age. Then comes the middle age group which is made up of 8-12 years of age. Books in this group are those like Roller Girl and Orphan Island. These books have characters and problems that are relatable to this age group. However, it seems middle school kids (not middle aged kids) get kind of the brunt end of the deal since they are not quiet young adults but are past some of the plots and books offered in the 8-12 age range. So finding books appropriate for this age can be difficult but doable. The next group is 13-18 years old. Again, some of the books in this group can definitely go in a middle school library, but not all. Some deal with topics such as sex and drugs and have language that isn’t quiet okay for middle school. Then there is new adult and that is 18-30 and in which I still read in.

I enjoyed learning about the different divisions in literature. I sometimes have a hard time finding books for my reading club due to the fact that they’re reading levels are so high for fourth graders, but they aren’t there yet with some of the plot scenarios and language that the young adult novels have. I will definitely keep this in mind while helping students search for their next good book.

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