Squish: Brave New Pond

61XH-z6iE3L._SX393_BO1,204,203,200_The creation of Squish is both imaginative and original. I am constantly in awe when I read books about things I would have never thought to write about.

Squish, an amoeba in a pond, is the main character. He is a “kid” who has friends that are interesting and can be annoying just like real life. He has a dad, who always wears a tie and listens to heavy metal rock (yes, even though he is this blob of an amoeba). This graphic novel is the second in the series and it’s Squishes first day of school. He has a check list of things he wants to happen to change his year from the previous. Of course on the list, is to eat with the cool kids and become popular. While all this is going on, he is reading his own comic book about his favorite superhero, Super Amoeba, who parallels the same struggles Squish is having on his first day back to school.

This book is easy to reader and even my five year old son thought it was interesting. It was simple enough too, to keep him engaged, while teaching him a few facts about “pond scum.”

To check out more books written by the Holms, click the image. 

Holm, Jennifer and Matthew (2011). Squish: Brave new pond. New York, NY: Random House.

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