Last Stop on Market Street

In this picture book, a grandmother and her grandson are leaving church and getting on the bus headed to somewhere unknown by the reader. The little boy keeps asking his grandmother questions about WHY they must get on the bus and why they don’t have a car or515fIAhWqRL._SX405_BO1,204,203,200_ WHY they have to go to this particular place everyday after church but his friends don’t have to. She has something clever to comment with each time he asks a question. On the bus, he continues to ask questions about other things or makes comments how he WANTS something someone else has. She tells him he doesn’t need anything else; he has all he needs right there. When they get to the last stop, Market Street, he asks his grandmother why it’s so dirty there. She gives him a thought provoking answer and tells him let’s go as they walk into a soup kitchen for lunch.

Not everyone lives the same life with the same cares or burdens. Children are so innocent to what is around them sometimes, yet there are many times they are know exactly why they don’t have things others may have, or why they do things others do not have to do. This book will open the eyes of the young and help them have an understanding that we all live different lives.

Click on the image to visit the author’s Amazon page to find more books written by de la Pena.


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