I would like to start this post with a thankful heart. I am grateful that I have been able to take a class this semester that covers all things in the digital technology world for education! This was probably one of my favorite classes so far in my grad school career since I really like and am good at anything digital or tech.

In my opinion, my favorite apps/sites to use and try out were the infographic design sites. While I am a guru at using Canva, I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and trying other sites like Piktochart. I also liked creating the video podcast using WeVideo (although it had it’s pitfalls). Check out those posts here and here.

I think the most difficult ones-well, not difficult, but a pain in the rump, were the sites suggested for me to use for my final reflection from the site Techlearning: 30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling. I literally paid $3.99 for one app (SpeechJournal) to use on my iPad and after creating a picture (that you can see below in my video) and recording my voice, I could not download, share or email. It gave me the option to email, but wouldn’t work. Super frustrating. Then I tried Animaker and got frustrated at how slow it was and gave up. Lots of the sites I tried on the list were limited to free trials or had to be downloaded. Many seemed old and outdated and even the reviews were old.

The most beneficial for me as an educator would be the screen recorders. My sister’s district just switched to Canvas as their housing site for students and teachers to communicate through, and she has told me how excited she is to create videos for her students and subs! I think my post must have rubbed off on her!

I believe the comic strip creating sites would be most fun and beneficial for students! They are pretty easy and engaging and you can literally use them for anything! My post over those can be found here.

In the end, I used Screencast-o-matic for my final reflection piece. Enjoy!!

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