Streetwear Fashion

Someone say shoes? Yes please! Fashion is something I LOVE! My closet is the size of a bedroom because I enjoy clothes and shoes and purses and jewelry and ALL things related to fashion and style! What girl doesn’t it?! Over the years, I have bought books for my own book shelf that were full of fashion advice and do’s and don’ts and I still go to those books for information sometimes. I recently posted on my IG that no matter what the age, playing dress up is always fun!

As one of the books on the Quick Picks 2015 list, I can see why it is a popular book. A simple read, but full of fashion advice and even facts of when streetwear was born and celebs that dress in streetwear fashion. The book begins with a short quiz to see if streetwear fashion is for you. Then it talks about different celebrities and how they dress and moves on to specific pieces in the outfit, such as jeans, shorts, wedges, bracelets, caps, etc. It also has some simple DIY projects for tees and shoes and hats; things teenagers could do without help. It even dives into makeup and hair styles for streetwear.

This was a helpful book and could be fun for a girl who wants to amp up her style or merely wants some input on what to wear!


Click on the image to find more books that are created by the same illustrator and have the same theme.

Watson, Stephanie (2014). Streetwear fashion. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications.

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