14 Cows for America

51dSRAonHzL._SY449_BO1,204,203,200_I remember being in my junior English class, watching the television with such an intense face and not being able to even think about anything else going on around me. Watching the twin towers fall was heart wrenching and unbearable. Watching as people completely innocent lose their lives was more than tragic.

As I read the book, 14 Cows for America, I cried. I cried at how selfless a young man who lived on the other side of the world in a tribe could have the same heartache as those living in America. I cried reading about how his tribe had such tenderness toward a country many of them had only heard stories about, but never been to themselves. I cried at reading about the sacrifice they gave to us, America, in hopes that we would know they felt our pain and wanted to share the burden with us. We are not alone in the hurt. To give up 14 cows in honor of us was huge, for to them, cows mean life. And I cried to read that those cows will never be slaughtered and they have continued to grow…just like America picked itself back up and has continued to grow.

Empathy is not easy for many people, even those so close to us. It’s amazing to read about a whole tribe who had such empathy for us as to “give” us cows which is their livelihood. Such a wonderful story to share with children of all ages. The book comes in Spanish as well.

Click on the image to visit the author’s Amazon page to find more books written by Deedy.

Deedy, Carmen Agra (2009). 14 cows for america. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree Publishers

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