New. Novel.

So I am just like the other billions of people out there who get uncomfortable with change. The start of something new is difficult and we usually let our fear and anxiety take over and hold us captive in the present. BUT what fun is that?! I don’t want to be stuck in the now for forever! Just like the rest of you, I must get my head in the game and talk myself into WHY change is good.

Being a novice at something is not a favorite of mine (I’m sure no one really likes it), but we all have to begin somewhere. I am officially a novice at being a grad student. Sure, I’ve gone to college, but that was like a decade ago! And things have changed since then! Plus, I’m taking my classes online which is another scary thing to add to my list! The bright side is- I’m a teacher, so school is my jam! And I’m super techie so I’ve got that going for me with this online school thing. There is always good to be found in every situation; you just have to search for it.

I have taught for 8 years now. It would have been 9, but I took a year off to stay at home with my son. I absolutely LOVE being in the classroom. My students are my why. They drive me to be a teacher who pushes, who loves, who cares and who wants to see them be abundantly successful. I tell my students constantly that we are life long learners, so I decided to put myself out there and be a product of what I say. I am officially in graduate school to get my master’s in Library Science. I would soooo be a great school librarian (just ask my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Martin!) I am excited about this new journey, but just like everyone else who begins something new, I am nervous and a little scared at what’s to come. Life can be crazy and difficult to manage at times as it is, and here I go adding more to my plate. How will I manage it all, you might ask?  I made myself make ONE single new year’s resolution and that was to say NO more often. I have a bad habit of taking on lots of projects and doing lots of favors, but I need to force myself to say no so I can focus and get things done that are most important to me and my family. With that being said, I am now off to have dinner and get ready for another Monday with my fourth graders. Make it count this week! Stay positive my friends! ❤


My student ID photo (hehe)

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