Healthy Halloween treats??? No way!

So my kiddo is only 19 months and isn’t sure how to stop eating when it comes to sweets! lol! I wanted to make goodie bags for his class at Mother’s Day Out but didn’t want to load them with junk (the kiddos will get plenty of that on Friday when they trick or treat!)! So I started my search for something sweet but natural…and it dawned on me! He takes those GoGo Squeez applesauce packs in his lunch all the time! I didn’t just stop there! I started Googling and Pinterest-ing sleeves for them and lo and behold I found some on the GoGo Squeez blog! Woohoo!!! So simple and yet it makes it look all festive! I added play doh, a mini race car or necklace and Halloween stickers to each goodie bag! Perfect treat for two year olds! I attached the link for the sleeves if you want to use them as well! Super easy!


Halloween Pouch Covers