Barn doors…my husband is A-mazing!

20140305-191132.jpg  I know this has nothing to do with health or fitness…well I guess it does in a sense that you must be in good health to do what my husband just did for me this weekend! When we knew we had Race on the way, we had to move our “office” from the front bedroom into our other living area.  We have a 3 BR/2 LR house…it’s not huge my any means, but we are lucky to have two living areas!  So.  With us moving our office/craft room to the front living room, it is literally the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.  And although I am a clean maniac (yes, I clean the shower as I’m showering!), a craft room can only be so clean with projects on going and with an office space that my husband uses daily since he works for himself. I needed some sort of door to cover the entry to that room…my first thought: French doors!  But Brock said no because they had to swing open and it wouldn’t work with what we’ve got going.  Ok.  Next: pocket doors!  Again, Brock said no because you would have to go into the sheet rock and headers and 2x4s and blah, blah, blah (crap I don’t understand).  So finally I came up with…sliding barn doors.  Well. He said “eh!”…not a no, I’ll take it!

Finally, after over a year of asking about doors, I GOT THEM!  Literally he made the doors, and the steel bar and sliders for the top of the doors all in one day!  OMGosh…I don’t know why he waited so long! haha (besides the fact that he did most of the work!).

I stained the doors with Rustoleum Dark Walnut stain (love this stuff). We used tung and groove boards and glued them together first and then nailed them together horizontally with another small board.  I’ll get exact specifics later!

20140305-191216.jpg       20140305-191144.jpg